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The latest blog is very relative to this Journey. 

It's called What The Heck Is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity Brain Retraining for Ease and Flow and Wellness in your world.

If you've landed here then let's acknowledge that sometimes our brain just has waaayyyy too much to say. Plus it seems to want to be in charge instead of being our back up plan.

Quick pictures come to mind:

  • You want to sleep but your brain is still sorting stuff out - around and around in your head
  • You arrive at your destination having no recollection of driving as your brain has been busy
  • You're arriving home and your brain is racing through the schedule of Next and Next and Next.

Enough said, huh. This brain stuff is not unique but your solutions are and these simplistic techniques have been created so as to be Very Personal to You.

While retraining my own brain and watching it grow into teenage hood as we gained trust together, I generally thought of it as an out of control 3 year old child. This is what led me to the Park It system which has been road tested many times on human volunteers.

You've heard again and again that your life will improve when you spend time on yourself. Finding that time with a busy brain is complicated.

The gift of the Park-It Journey will truly allow you to begin your brain retraining within your current circumstances. It's already helped so many people and we'd all love to hear how you got on. 

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