Walking your own Path on this Creative Journey.

Your Journey : Your Spiritual Wellness

Wellbeing Mentoring with Linda

An energetic & intuitive connection specialist.

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Working Peer-to-Peer 

Awesome outcomes happen when I am the Loving, Clear Conduit for You.

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Working together on this Creative Journey of yours, we'll discover:

  • How you can lead a more satisfying life
  • Where you can heal yourself
  • Along with some wonderful soul based tools to assist
  • How to neutralize incidents along your timeline without you having to revisit them
  • How to be comfortable with your own version of not-so-normal
  • How to see; hear; feel your own guidance
  • When to trust and how to tell the difference between guidance and brain
  • Where your journey travels to next 
  • What to do next/now

Our work together will always be personalized to You. With no specific boxes to tick off we'll progress along Your Path, with Your Growth and Your Soul Focus.

How it works . . .

As neither of us would choose to jump into this working relationship 'cold', we'll make the time to get to know each other a bit and work out some first steps. This will generally be completed by phone, or other digital method.

Our first action session will be charged at $90.00AUD and we'll plan our ongoing contact from there.

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With much JOY,


Who am I?

As an intuitive mentor I have worked with many beautiful souls on the main points listed opposite.

As an influencer and an intuitive connection I act as a clear, loving conduit for my peers.

My absolute pleasure comes from helping You to unwrap the Gift that is You.

I never want to 'fix' or 'heal' you, my passion is to allow you to see your beautiful healthy self.

Energy and Communication Sessions with your Companion Animal.

It's been well documented and experience has shown that our various companion animals come to us with their own agenda.

To assist us, guide us and love us.

Because they're a large part of your world they are an inclusive part of our work together.

Communicating with sentient beings is fundamental to my skill base and I utilize all offered knowledge to assist you as we work together.

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Appointment times are flexible for both my national and international clients.

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