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This is a story about an experience which left me feeling rather negative and which was edited by a rescript.

So, have a listen and enjoy.

Much JOY to you on this beautiful day, LINDA

Going In Circles

So many people Choose to do the same things every day not knowing that one small daily effort to bring JOY into their lives will start to work Magic on their heart and their soul. 


Emotional Freedom Technique

This is commonly called EFT and is a very quick way to move on annoyances.

Tools for Empowerment and Change


Tools for YOU and Your Soul Purpose

Sharing tools and techniques with each other is empowering in itself.

Here I share some of the specific tools I have developed. Sometimes there's a favourite tool you work with and other times you'll use more than one tool to ease and neutralize a 'stuck-ness'. 

Flow with what feels right and feel comfortable for your own wellness, sharing outcomes with me when you can.

I love hearing how these gifts have helped your own empowerment.

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Share your outcomes with me