Anahata Codes

The Anahata Codes are here - Just click the image

Anahata Codes Beautiful Frequencies Activating Awakening

The Beautiful Anahata, who was chosen to download these awesome codes, offers the codes and a How-To document as a Gift to You.

This is how I met the Codes, used them and fell in love with their activation possibilities.

Using your own intuition, or muscle testing choices, you are able to use these codes yourself.

If you prefer to utilize my skills as a clear conduit for your codes then contact me here.

Trainee Practitioner

Anahata Codes Frequency Activations

I'm currently working with human guinea pigs (aka volunteers) to become a Certified Anahata Code Practitioner. CACP.

You'll be able to include the Anahata Codes in your next session soon.

If you're one of the beautiful volunteers the calendar link for your Client Session is here.

Retrain the Brain : neuroplasticity ; epigenitics ; change ; synapses

What Are the Anahata Codes?

 Anahata Codes are Assisting frequencies represented by numerical codes which are channeled to encompass the vibrational essence of various elements' innate healing qualities and act as catalysts for automatic healing responses. 

Hundreds of Assisting Frequencies are available to assist with releasing fear, embracing love, raising your vibration, and balancing your body on all levels (physical, mental, emotional spiritual). 

 Disclaimer: Linda Simpson from Creative Journey is not a doctor and does not diagnose or treat any condition or circumstance; energetic work does not replace medical care or traditional healthcare.  

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